The Disappearing Quarterback
Jan. 29

The Disappearing Quarterback

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Mike Boryla was the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles from 1974-1976. He had everything he wanted, but he didn’t want what he had. Two years later, he quit professional football and… disappeared! In a World Premiere one-man show, he returns to Philadelphia for the first time in over 35 years to tell the story of walking away from the sport and the teammates he loved.  

With the average life-span of a professional football player being 55 (Time Magazine, 2010), the effects of concussions becoming ever more clear, and even our president speaking out against its future, should “America’s Game”… disappear?  A play for football fanatics and novices alike and set in the intimate Skinner Studio, The Disappearing Quarterback puts you inside the helmet of a unique athlete, a self-described “long-haired hippie,” with a passionate purpose and a story to share as he comes home to the city that made him famous.